About Us

Who are we?

Our vision is to provide flexible, relevant, and quality support services to improve an individual’s quality of life. We are advocates for disadvantaged communities and are passionate about promoting social justice and equality for all.

Our CORE Values are driven by our genuine desire to do what is right and do what is best.

We aim to treat our Participants, their families, support networks and stakeholders with dignity, fairness and equality whilst also upholding our promise to deliver quality support services.


Our commitment is to provide a high standard of quality support services. Whether supports are delivered within the home or in the community. Our team are dedicated individuals who all play an integral part in the ongoing success of the organisation.


We believe that involving people in building their support plan is crucial in achieving the most effective service delivery there is. People with disabilities and/ or mental health have the same desires and aspirations that everyone in society does. We would like to be the organisation that will help you to achieve those dreams!

Our belief is that innovation is vital to the continuing success of our organisation. When we innovate, we create, we invent, we design and we evolve – which in turn, we can then meet the needs of our Participants, their families, and our stakeholders. For our service to remain relevant in todays world, we believe service delivery needs to be current and unlike anything else.
We strive to build productive relationships within the sector and most importantly within our community.
Our Directors

Sam Bosevski

Founder & Director of Services

With many years working across the NFP, Community Services and the Healthcare sector, I decided to branch out – delivering support services to our most vulnerable community members. We all know about the ‘Red Tape’ and large-scale providers and corporate organisations who fail to meet the ongoing, complex, yet simple demands of our community.

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    The political battle became tiresome for me and I wanted to do more. What was once was a small business venture (with a COLOSSAL task ahead of me), is now one of my proudest achievements. To know that we, (our team and I) are out in the community, assisting participants and their families to achieve their dreams is monumental to me and I feel very privileged to be involved in such a great cause.

    Over the next year, we hope to take the organisation to new heights, offering ever further tailored support services. Our strategic approach has been successful over the past few years, however, to remain current and relevant in today’s climate – there is no doubt that more work needs to be done and greater outcomes need to be achieved. My interest is in developing strategic growth plans, financial analytics and maintaining a professional level of service delivery.

    I thoroughly enjoy what I do and have a passion for working alongside vulnerable communities. With a collaborative approach to providing support services – I genuinely believe that we can help to transform people’s lives, one person at a time and in line with our organisations CORE Values of Respect, Commitment, Inclusion, and Innovation.

Jason Bosevski

Founder & Director of Services

I’ve worked in many different industries over the years, however working within the community services sector has been the most rewarding. I find that each day brings something new, whether it is a challenge or a celebration. Being a part of assisting Participants to achieve their goals is something that is quite special to me. I truly value the work that our staff put in and believe that strong leadership can achieve great things.

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    There are times where nothing seems to be going right, then suddenly a Participant reports that he/ she has overcome a massive obstacle in their life and thanks us for the support we have provided. That’s when it all makes sense.

    Collectively we are focused on going from strength to strength whilst also taking our Participants with us on this journey. For me, quality of services outweighs the quantity.

    I believe in role modelling behaviours and setting a positive example for staff to follow. With this, the organisation is represented at its highest. My interest is in applying positive leadership, systems administration and overseeing service delivery operations.

    I trust that we have and will continue to make a positive impact in people’s lives. We will continue to do so, and nothing will stop us!

Building Choices and the NDIS

Building Choices Home & Community Care offer a variety of services to participants who receive funding from the NDIS. 

Our team are invested in making a difference to how supports are delivered across all services we provide. Our aim is to provide quality support, focusing on growing our relationships with our clients, their families and within the community.  

We currently offer supports across Household Tasks, Linen, Gardening Transport Assistance services and soon to come Social Support within the Community as well as Coordination of Supports and Plan Management.

Working together to achieve greatness

We're keen to hear from individuals who are interested in joining our services.

Whether you're a person seeking assistance to utilise your NDIS funding or a family member seeking information on how better to support your loved one, please contact us.

Our trained and passionate staff are available to assist with your enquiry. Please refer to our contact page for further information.

We're also interested in hearing from other supporting organisations who are striving to acheive service excellence!

Acknowledgement of Country
Building Choices Home & Community Care acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of this nation. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which our company is located and where we conduct our business. We pay our respects to ancestors and Elders, past and present. Building Choices Home & Community Care is committed to honouring Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ unique cultural and spiritual relationships to the land, waters and seas and their rich contribution to society.

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